SAARP INTERNATIONAL LLC, was launched to promote Green engineering and technology among the existing and upcoming industry sector. The driving force behind this initiative is to design and develop Environmentally benign, economically viable, less Energy intensive and Equity oriented approach for sustainable and maintain dynamic equilibrium of the planet earth. In that direction, designed and developed following model plants were established in some parts of the world Readmore


  • We have developed new highly efficient bio-catalytic processes for converting bio-based fats and oils (triglycerides) into transportation fuels and converting byproduct glycerol into value-added chemicals
  • Bio-catalytic conversion of biomass into liquid fuels.
  • Pyrolysis, via hydro-de-oxy-generation of catalytic fast pyrolysis oil.
  • Using alternate feedstock (CO2 and biomass) to generate high-value chemicals and drop-in transportation fuels.